outright projects

Outright Projects is founded by Brenda Munsterman. Under this name, she organizes events, ranging from large corporate events to dance events, esports events, and much more. How does she do it? Outright: straightforward, open and without fuss, and with a wealth of experience at her fingertips. Brenda's work can be summed up in one sentence: she organizes events. From concept and planning to marketing, sponsorship, ticketing, production, and evaluation, she takes care of the whole package.

Brenda has been operating at the intersection of events and marketing since the beginning of her career. She worked for renowned event organizers and venues for many years, developing into a jack-of-all-trades in her field. She knows the ins and outs of the industry, and she knows the locations. The Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, Ahoy Rotterdam, MECC Maastricht, and the Johan Cruijff ArenA: she feels at home everywhere. Brenda works purposefully and with an open mind. She is analytical and strategic, keeping a close eye on the interests of all stakeholders. She is an event manager at heart and has a keen eye for marketing and brand management.

from the ground up

With Outright Projects Brenda builds an event from the ground up. It starts with developing a concept and formulating a (brand) strategy. A thorough market research, a sharply defined target audience, and a projectbudget. Those form the foundation. Followed by the content (what exactly is going to happen?) and the marketing (how will the event be positioned and what resources are needed for that?). She gets to work with these principles in mind.

My drive can be summed up in a few words: creating events makes me smile. It gives me a great feeling to bring people a wonderful experience. That's where I find my happiness.

linking pin

What is her role in an event? She is a leader. She knows the status of every piece of the puzzle - from sponsorship and marketing to catering and production. She directs and oversees progress and budget. In that role, you have to be able to play chess on many boards. And that's exactly where her strength lies. She knows how many tickets have been sold, when the sound check takes place, what agreements have been made with sponsors, and when the press release will be sent out. Does she do everything herself? Certainly not. With her contacts, both nationally and internationally, she always knows how to find the right professionals to get the job done with her. But she keeps an overview and is the primary point of contact for the management. She forms the linking pin between the organization and the event.

what you need to know about brenda

Brenda started her career at the television group SBS, where she led major marketing campaigns for TV programs such as "Expeditie Robinson," managed business-to-business communication, and organized presentations for the spring and fall campaigns. She also served as the point of contact for media agencies and advertisers at the network.


From 2004 to 2019, Brenda worked for event organization ID&T. In 2006, she was a vital part in the first edition of the now-legendary dance event Sensation held outside of the Netherlands and neighboring countries Belgium and Germany - in Poland, to be exact. It marked the beginning of a years-long journey around the world for her. As a project manager and manager of business development, she organized Sensation editions in countries such as Australia, Japan, Brazil, Denmark, Russia, Canada, the United States, and Chile - over 100 editions, spread across 44 cities in 35 countries. Every time, she faced new circumstances, worked with local partners, and took into account different cultures. She established the strategy, organized, produced, and monitored the festival's brand identity, as well as those of key sponsors such as Heineken, Samsung, and Vodafone.


With her work for design and project management agency Team Hoynck in 2020 and 2021, she shifted her focus to business-to-business events. Under her leadership, the team organized large international trade shows for companies such as oil giant Exxon Mobile and Japanese tech giant Konica Minolta, and when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, hybrid events. She bridged the gap between online and offline and ensured that her clients could still present themselves despite a global pandemic.


In 2021, a new adventure arose. On behalf of the Dutch Eredivisie, DreamHack Sports Games and congress and exhibition center MECC Maastricht, Brenda organized the esports festival GG DreamHack Sports in the summer of 2022. The first major cross-over sports and gaming event in the Netherlands and the premier league for gamers and esports enthusiasts. That left her wanting more. In October, DreamHack Rotterdam took place at Ahoy. Currently she is working on the KPN eDivisie Finals that will take place at De Jaarbeurs in Utrecht in May 2023.